Demonstration Lesson – Quantum Levitation


The main topic this lesson seeks to explore is quantum levitation.  Quantum levitation is an advanced electro-magnetism topic that has a tremendous wow factor for students.  By the end of this lesson, students will be able to describe conceptually why superconductors can levitate in a magnetic field.  This is a partial inquiry lesson because it displays some but not all of the levels of inquiry with the following variations: questions-4, evidence-4, analysis-2, explain-4, connection- N/a, and communication-4. These scores suggest this lesson is strongly guided inquiry which makes sense due to the fact that the demonstration lesson is teacher centered.

For modifications, standards, technology integration, learning objectives, and assessment, see the lesson plan below.

Lesson Resources

Demonstration Lesson Plan- Quantum Levitation – This lesson plan lists the standards, learning goals, procedure, materials, and potential modifications to carry out this demonstration lesson.

Demonstration Lesson Quantum Levitation Student Worksheet – Handout used by students to develop explanations for quantum locking.

Demonstration Presentation – Quantum Levitation – Presentation that accompanies the demonstration lesson.


The demonstration learning model is a particularly effective model for increasing student interest while also demonstrating topics that may not be conducive to small group labs.  It allows the students to engage in structured observation of a concept or techniques that can be safely demonstrated by the teacher.  This particular lesson is perfect for demonstration as it has a large wow factor and has a very limited amount of resources due to cost.  Two issues that can arise in demonstration is maintaining student engagement and acquiring the proper materials.  I will address this by ensuring that I utilize a hook at the beginning of the lesson to get the students to buy in and adjusting the lesson accordingly depending on the available materials.


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